Automatically changes from light to dark and back to light with sunlight exposure

Stealth Tint® adapts to sunlight autonomously, without the need for electricity or wiring!


Stealth Tint® will be at its clearest state, allowing 75% light to pass through.


As the sun climbs higher, the Stealth Tint® transitions to a semi-transparent state, allowing 50% of the light to pass through.


At the peak of the day, Stealth Tint® adapts to its most opaque state, permitting only 25% of the sunlight to filter through.


As the sun begins its descent, Stealth Tint® lightens up to allow 50% of the light into the room, matching the mid-morning transparency.


With the sun setting, Stealth Tint® returns to its clearest state, similar to the morning, allowing 75% of the available light to pass through.

UV Protection
Like many other varieties of window film, the Stealth Tint Transition Window Film film provides 99.9% UV protection. This prevents fading and discoloration or your floors, furniture, and other pieces of decor. Additionally, this protection also applies to your skin. The harmful UV rays which penetrate untinted windows are linked to skin cancer.
Heat Reduction
Stealth Tint® Transition Window Film reduces the amount of heat entering your space. It reflects over 99% of infrared rays, which helps keep your space cool. When your air conditioning doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the temperature set on the thermostat, you save on energy bills. This eventually recoups the cost of the film and installation, making it a worthwhile investment.
Glare Reduction

While we all love natural light, it can also cast annoying glare across device TV screens and interfere with the view from your windows. It can even cause headaches and eye strain. In its darkened state, the Stealth Tint® Transition Window Film dramatically reduces glare. This allows for increased comfort for your family or the occupants of your commercial space.

Hands Free

 What truly sets this film apart is its ability to transition from clear to tinted and back to clear without any effort on your behalf. Stealth Tint® Transition Window Film doesn’t require a remote, wall switch, strings, or chords. It automatically reacts to changes in sunlight to darken or lighten.

Stealth Tint™ | Automatic Sun Control, no power or wires required.

Stealth Tint® Automatic Sun Control  requires no power or wires to operate and is a state-of-the-art smart film® solution. Stealth Tint® changes from clear (75% VLT) to dark (25% VLT) upon sunlight exposure. The level of tint in the film will brighten and darken according to the level of sunlight it is exposed to automatically changing with no power required. Stealth Tint will block 99% UV in all transitional stages.

Thanks to Stealth Tint™’s advanced UV Automatic Sun Control  technology, Stealth Tint™ effortlessly adjusts to your surroundings, continuously cycling through its premium range of shades to provide the perfect level of sunlight control with no power needed.